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Window Tinting in Milton Keynes and surroundings – Expert Tints are the specialist in all types of window tinting for your car, van, Mpv, office or windows.

With 14 years experience in the field, our Window Tinting Films are available in a range of shades, to suit your car and your needs.

Experts Services

Window tint


Headlights fly-eye

Headlights/Stoplight restoration

Window Transparency

Window Tint prices

Smart car/Toyota IQ

3 Doors hatchback
5 Doors hatchback
VW Transporter Van Type 8+1
2side windows/1back window
rears 72£

rears 83£

rears 103£

rears 103£

rears 124£
rears 134£
rears 165£


Full Car 124£

Full Car 134£

Full Car 155£

Full Car 155£

Full Car 175£

Full Car 186£

Full Car 227£

Smart car/ Toyota IQ  rears 72£ , full car 124£

3Doors hatchback rears 83£ , full car 134£

Coupes rears 103£ , full car 155£

5Doors hatchback rears 103£ , full car 155£

Estate rears 124£ , full car 175£

4x4/MPV’S rears 134£ , full car 186£

VW TRANSPORTER VAN TYPE 8+1 rears 165£ , full car 227£

2side windows/1 back window 62£

*Prices include VAT and LIFETIME guarantee!


headlights/stoplights tinting

*Prices include VAT and 1 Year Guarantee!

Headlights / stoplights restoration

Because the headlights/stoplights may differ in how rough they are, prices are between £26-£52 subject to viewing first.

We recommend after polish that customers opt for a clear film on the headlights for a better protection from stones, sun and chemicals.


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